Sustainable Yards / Paris Garden

Paris Gardens are front yard gardens, installed by Green Florida volunteers with donated plants and soil, meant to keep alive the memory of Paris Whitehead-Hamilton, an 8 year-old girl killed by gun violence in Bartlett Park in April of 2009. In 2009 through 2010, Green Florida worked with Bartlett Park homeowners to design and install front yard gardens with vegetables, fruits, and Florida native plants at six homes in the neighborhood, including at the family’s house where the shooting took place.  Together, these begin to form a sustainable landscape that conserves water, provides food for each household, and helps us remember Paris' death and the need to end the violence in the neighborhood.

Green Florida remains committed to working with neighbors to develop sustainable yards that better support our community.  Helping families grow vegetables at home and convert their yards to native plants helps beautify the neighborhood and strengthens everyone’s food security.  Not only that, they give us a chance to get the kind of low-impact outdoor exercise that can make all the difference for a families health.  Studies show our neighborhoods become safer places when more of us are enjoying our outdoor spaces and front yards, keeping ‘eyes on the street’ who will know when a frail elderly neighbor needs a hand and serving as a quiet deterrent to crime.


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