Get Involved

Ready to start gardening? Click here to find a community garden near you. The easiest way to get involved in community gardening is to become a member of an existing garden. Volunteer! Cultivate your own plot! Take a class! There’s a lot to learn in order to be successful with vegetable gardening in Florida and community gardens are a great way to surround yourself with experienced people.

Want to start a community garden? It’s not just more work than joining an existing garden, it’s maybe 100x more work than joining an existing garden. But if you are determined and have lots of time to dedicate, explore these links to guides for starting community gardens. The best is from the American Community Gardening Association, but there are numerous resources available on this topic.

Want to build Florida’s community gardening capacity for generations to come? Get involved in Green Florida! Volunteer to spread the word about Green Florida in your community, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, help us organize a fundraiser, connect us with community gardens around the state who are looking for the kinds of resources we offer. Contact Andrea for more information