Martin Luther King Day of Service Projects for 2016

It's going to be an exciting start to the new year in January. The MLK Day of Service team at St Pete college has decided to support two important new projects at the Bartlett Park Community Garden.
First, our solar panels are going to finally be connected to a battery system so that we can use our solar energy to irrigate the garden early in the morning - and on a timer. Yay! We're also going to have an electric plug-in lawn mower for our grass, eliminating our last need for gasoline. Another yay! Bartlett Park Community Garden is leading the way in building solar teaching tools for St Pete and beyond.
Second, we have support to vastly improve our chicken yard, adding a new coop, new hens, and nearly a year's worth of food for the birds. This is going to produce more than 10,000 eggs per year for the next several years. That's some delicious dozens of eggs for the families in our neighborhood to take home with their collard greens.
Martin Luther King Day takes place on Monday January 18th, 2016. The Bartlett Park Community Garden will be celebrating these new additions with a free Barbecue dinner for more than 250 people at 2:00 pm, following the Martin Luther King Day parade through downtown St Petersburg.
Mark your calendars for January 18th at 2:00 pm and come enjoy a fantastic bbq dinner at the Bartlett Park Community Garden!